October 28th, 2007

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Ultimatum script, various

  • The Bourne Ultimatum script is available online at the Universal Awards site.

  • According to a report at the Denver Post, Matt allegedly tried to get tickets to Saturday's Red Sox v Rockies game.

    Damon dissed. Bummed you couldn't get tickets to Saturday's game? Don't be. Matt Damon called the Rockies the other day for ducats and came away empty. "Matt's a Sox fan," said a Rox spokesman. "Sorry, buddy." There were rumblings, but no confirmation, that the Good Will Hunter got in the ballpark.

  • Australia's Herald Sun newspaper rated Matt the top movie star in movies today in an article on Saturday, based on three criteria:

    BUMS ON SEATS - Hits and misses at the Australian box office. Who has met expectations or, better still, exceeded them? Who is squandering our goodwill with inferior product?
    HEADS ON SHOULDERS - How does each star make use of their God-given talents? A quick assessment of who works hard at honing their craft, and who is prone to hit the auto-pilot switch.
    HEARTS ON SLEEVES - How does each star build and maintain their following? Not just the size of popularity, but the willingness of a fanbase to accept the star in a variety of guises.

    1 MATT DAMON (last year: 5)
    Age: 37
    Films: 36
    Career high: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
    Career low: All the Pretty Horses (2000)
    Market value: $20 million, plus percentage of gross
    Matt Damon earns top spot for three good reasons. Audiences want to see him. Filmmakers want to work with him. And, most importantly, he wants to keep his end of the bargain at all times. The driving force behind Damon's steady rise to prominence in the past 10 years has been his lead role in the Bourne trilogy, based on the best-selling books by Robert Ludlum. In each film, Damon imposes his will with power and intent, bringing to life a character that is literally a dead man walking. A real pro. A class act. And the best in the business.
    Recent form: The Good Shepherd (A) Ocean's Thirteen (B) The Bourne Ultimatum (A)
    Coming soon: Narrates intriguing extreme-sports doco Running the Sahara, then reverts to lead roles in psychological drama Margaret (with Anna Paquin), wartime action pic Imperial Life in the Emerald City and a biopic of America's first gay mayor (with Sean Penn).
    Random fact: Damon is still angered by the myth that he dumped then-fiancee Minnie Driver on camera on Oprah.

  • From an article on the lack of movie stars today at the OC Register:

    And, while the painfully modest Matt Damon would disagree, I believe that "The Bourne Ultimatum" definitely prospered because of Damon's involvement in it. The Mattster would argue, and has argued, that the director, the script and the music are the real reasons for that franchise's success.

  • A sighting from the Miami Herald last week:

    Actor Matt Damon and wife Luciana were spotted walking hand in hand on Lincoln Road Tuesday morning with their daughter, Isabella.