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LivePlanet disbanded, Green Zone locations

  • Matt and Ben's production company LivePlanet is disbanding after eight years. Details are provided in articles at the Hollywood Reporter and Variety; the text below incorporates some quotes from an earlier edition of the Variety story no longer online.

    LivePlanet partners Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Sean Bailey are disbanding their eight-year old multimedia company. The shingle's deal with Disney ended Dec. 31.

    Affleck and Damon, whose screen work left them little time for the company, haven't made new deals yet.

    Damon has been moving from one big studio film to another. He followed "The Bourne Ultimatum" by reuniting with director Paul Greengrass in the Universal drama based on the book "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," and after that he will reunite with his "Ocean's Thirteen" helmer Steven Soderbergh in "The Informant."

    Damon got heavily involved in "Running the Sahara", a LivePlanet-produced documentary that was directed by James Moll. Damon both narrated and produced a film that follows three world class distance runners as they set out to run across the Sahara Desert, which spans 4000 miles and six African countries.

    The film will be released in April, said Larry Tanz [LivePlanet CEO], and Damon used it to launch Project H20 Africa, an organisation designed to raise money and create awareness about the clean water crisis in Africa. The organisation has already raised millions of dollars, including a $2.5 million grant from Pepsi. The funds are earmarked for digging wells, and installing filtration systems and bathrooms in local schools.

    "Matt had the vision about what could be done with the film, and we take that money and pass it to organisations that are already on the ground working on the problems," said Tanz.

  • An article here claims that filming for Green Zone will shortly commence in Rabat, Morocco. Another expected location is Ouarzazate, Morocco, where the Atlas Studios are located. Previous films to shoot at the Studios include Babel, Kingdom of Heaven and Alexander.

  • Actor Steve Zahn says he was competing with Matt for the role in Courage Under Fire.

    On any regrets/things he would change about his career: "I mean, I remember when I was young. Every movie [I] was up for, you know, Stephen Dorff [got]. And I was like, 'What the f---, man? I can't get any gigs. Who is this mother?' I remember, I was up for Courage Under Fire. It was between me and Matt Damon. And I was like, 'Who is Matt Damon?' And I'm sure Matt Damon was like, 'Who is Steve Zahn?' And we sat for like a month, and, finally he got it."
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