January 8th, 2008

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Amy Ryan in Green Zone

  • Fox News columnist Roger Friedman reported in his latest column that Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) has been cast in Green Zone, which should commence filming this week.

    [Patricia] Clarkson is doing the rounds supporting best pal Amy Ryan, who won Best Supporting Actress Sunday night for "Gone Baby Gone." Ryan is one of many nominees skipping the Golden Globes next week. She’s off to Spain Monday to shoot Paul Greengrass’ "Imperial Life in the Emerald City" with Matt Damon.

  • A scan of Matt praising Ryan's work in GBG in Variety is available here, thanks to Stacie.

  • A rumored project from years ago is referenced in an interview with director David Fincher, but it's unclear whether it's still a current/possible project (and there should be a warning on the scriptwriter):

    MTV: We were talking about your reluctance to do another so-called serial-killer movie with "Zodiac," but now you're reportedly attached to a graphic-novel adaptation called "Torso."

    David Fincher: That movie is so not a serial-killer movie. It's about the deconstruction of the myth of [Untouchables leader] Eliot Ness. It has way more to do with "Citizen Kane" than it has to do with "Seven." Ehren Kruger wrote a script that's pretty great. We were speaking with Matt Damon about it.

  • The Bourne Ultimatum received eleven nominations on the long-list for the BAFTAs (British film awards), including Matt for Best Actor - details here. Ultimatum is also on the short-list for a visual effects Oscar.

  • The People's Choice Awards will be broadcast tonight on CBS and E! A ceremony was not held, and there will be pre-taped acceptance speeches from the winners.