April 8th, 2008

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Event in honor of George Clooney

  • Matt attended a dinner in honor of George Clooney in London on Monday night. Photos are from PopSugar via Getty Images or Just Jared. Matt may attend the London premiere for Leatherheads tonight, particularly as he was rumored to be cast in the film a few years ago.

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  • From an interview with George at the New Yorker:

    He then carefully made the point that none of his closest friends are movie stars. “There are people you spend a lot of time with, and people you enjoy seeing at the office party,” he said—the office party, in this context, being the Venice Film Festival. Speaking of his “Ocean’s” co-stars Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, he said, “Brad and I talk, and Matt and I talk, on a fairly regular basis—text each other, give each other shit.” But, he continued, “I have my friends, nine guys for twenty-five years; they’re the guys I see every Sunday.”

  • George also talked about how he was unable to participate in the Kimmel/Ben video here.