April 20th, 2008

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MTV Movie Award, Informant updates

  • Matt will receive the inaugural Movie Star Award at the MTV Australia Awards 2008, to be held on 26 April. Details at the SMH and TV Tonight:

    Mischa Barton will attend this years star studded awards show to announce Hollywood’s ‘new action hero’, Matt Damon, as the recipient of the first ever MTVAA ‘Movie Star’ Award. The MTV Australia Awards 2008 will air on Saturday April 26 from 7:30pm with an encore screening on FOX8 Sunday April 27 from 6pm and Saturday May 3 from 7:30pm.

    After winning an Oscar with best friend Ben Affleck in 1997 (Good Will Hunting), Matt Damon had a kick start to his career that most actors would only have dreamed of. Since then, not a year has gone by without box office success for Hollywood’s hottest actor. Damon has proven himself successful in the fields of comedy, drama, thriller and most recently, action. Damon has become a modern screen legend since taking on the role of Jason Bourne in the critically acclaimed series of ‘Bourne’ action films. Touted as the new ‘Bond’ – Damon has made the Jason Bourne character into every girl’s fantasy and every guy’s hero. His success over the last decade has truly made Damon into the ultimate movie star for the ‘MTV Generation’.

    Barton, who is being paid a lucrative appearance fee by MTV organisers, will present a movie award honouring actor Matt Damon. While Damon will not be at the ceremony, he is expected to make a speech via a live video link.

  • Casting calls for The Informant were held in Decatur on Saturday. Reports (with videos) at WAND-TV and the Herald-Review.

  • Details of the budget for Green Zone from Variety. Matt was expected to finish filming his scenes for the movie last Friday, and would have a two week break before filming starts for The Informant.

    Universal is shooting Paul Greengrass' tentatively titled "Green Zone Thriller" in London with his "Bourne" star Matt Damon as a WMD hunter in the early days of America's involvement in Iraq. Greg Kinnear and Amy Ryan co-star. The budget is in the $50 million range.