April 22nd, 2008

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Photos, Youth Without Youth

  • A photo of Matt and Lucy arriving at Miami airport from London is from People. Other photos from the airport, including one of Matt holding Isabella (in her first photo of the year) are at Mavrix Online or PopSugar.

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  • The upcoming DVD for Youth Without Youth is reviewed at DVD Talk, including a reference to Matt (who has a cameo in the movie).

    A feature-length audio commentary by director Francis Ford Coppola is a typical informative gem from the filmmaker. A natural storyteller, Coppola is at ease exploring the esoteric leanings of his film, sharing with the listener his intention to challenge convention and himself with this strange picture.

    Here Coppola discusses the spiritual angles of the story; his disgust with modern-day title sequences; the history behind the film's many eras; the intent of novella writer Mircea Eliade; his preference to use real cuisine over bland prop food; the professional generosity of Matt Damon; and the overwhelming linguistic research and painstaking execution.