May 25th, 2008

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Back to Miami, Bourne 4, Che

  • Photos of Matt arriving solo at Miami airport on Saturday 24 May are at Getty Images. Interesting to note that Matt's wearing a South Sydney (Australian rugby league) jacket. Russell Crowe is part-owner of the club, and Ben Affleck started wearing an identical jacket when he was filming with Russell recently.

  • Bourne producer Frank Marshall is talking up a possible sequel:

    It shouldn't take as long for Matt Damon to lose his memory again as it did for Harrison Ford to pick the bullwhip back up. Frank Marshall, who produces both blockbuster franchises, confirms a fourth thriller about amnesiac spy Jason Bourne is in the works with Damon and director Paul Greengrass expected to return for more lightning-paced mayhem.

    "We're hoping it takes a few years less than Indiana Jones did," Marshall tells Sun Media during a phone interview. "We're busily trying to put it together, but it all depends on the script."

    One film buff Marshall knows is looking forward to more Bourne? His longtime friend and Indiana Jones director Steven Spielberg.

    "Steven loves the Bourne movies."

  • Matt's cameo in Steven Soderbergh's Che (filmed during Bourne Ultimatum promotional duties in Spain) was confirmed (although it may not survive until the final cut) - a report from the Boston Herald. In Variety's cast listing, Matt was listed as 'Guest'.

    After the screening, the film won applause, but the biggest surprise was not that it was smart, riveting and provocative, but that Matt Damon did a cameo as a missionary in Bolivia in “The Guerilla.” Matt, speaking in Spanish, asked Benicio Del Toro’s Che and his band of goons to leave the area.

  • A report on Texas State Rep. Allen Vaught's involvement with Green Zone is here, including the text below. The photo of Vaught with Matt and Imperial Life author Rajiv Chandrasekaran is also from the site.

    Image Hosted by

    It's not often that a politician's name appears in the credits of a movie cast, especially a state politician who isn't a national figurehead. But it helps if the politician is a former soldier who served in Fallujah, and a producer wants to make a movie about the early days of the war in Iraq.

    State Rep. Allen Vaught, whose House District 107 encompasses parts of East Dallas and Lake Highlands, received a call in December 2006 from a producer working on a movie dubbed 'the Green Zone thriller" as its production title. The producer told Vaught he was working on a film about Fallujah, and had seen Vaught's campaign website, which highlights his time in Iraq.

    "It was supposed to be a stand-in part with one or two sentences of dialogue, but once I got there, it turned into something a little but bigger," Vaught says.

    "Everyone in Matt Damon’s Humvee with him had been actual soldiers in Iraq, and just seeing the kids having so much fun doing this, it was such a tribute to soldiers who were there, the hardships that were faced, and things accomplished by those soldiers," Vaught says.

    On location in London, Vaught says he filmed a 10-minute scene with Damon, actor Brendan Gleeson and Paul Rieckhoff, executive director and founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The scene involved a briefing, and Vaught says both the actors and soldiers were instructed by Greengrass to make up their own dialogue "reflective of something that could have happened." In between takes, Vaught spent some time chatting with Damon.

    "It turns out our kids were born the same day in '06, so we spent 20 minutes talking about our kids. When you’re talking to the best looking dude alive, or whatever award he got, you would think that’s not what you would be talking about. But he's the most down-to-earth guy I've ever met," Vaught says.

  • Matt is on the cover of Chill magazine from Canada, official magazine of

  • From an article with Canadian comedian Tom Papa here:

    Papa landed his first major movie role, opposite Damon, in The Informant, a black comedy about a price-fixing scam.

    And, he even gets the girl over the dude - Damon - voted sexiest on the planet. Okay, maybe not the latter. "But I do get to take him down at the beginning, before he takes me down at the end," Papa says. "And I get some great lines along the way, too."

    Do we smell Oscar here? "It's not that huge a role," he cracks.

  • Informant round-up. A report about Informant filming at the Illini Country Club is here, a previews of St Louis filming (now completed) is here and here and photos from filming at Anheuser-Busch in St Louis is here. Filming will end in Oahu in late June, and reports of cameos by Patton Oswalt and Dick Smothers are here. A late report on Decatur filming is at the Herald & Review, including:

    The first thing to remember is that Whitacre is the subject of this film, but it's not his story. Kurt Eichenwald wrote the book, and Steven Soderbergh is directing the film, with a screenplay by Scott Z. Burns. Their imprints will be seen in the film.

    (Burns, by the way, was on set in Decatur, rewriting as the filming went along. Burns also wrote a scene to be filmed at the women's prison in north Decatur, a previously unplanned scene. And the screenplay is adapting to new Whitacre news - including, apparently, the Herald & Review's lengthy April 6 story - as the shooting continues.)