June 12th, 2008

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Kimmel, Forbes List

  • Matt and Ben are expected to film an interview or skit for Jimmy Kimmel's show at the Celtics/Lakers game Thursday - from the Boston Globe:

    We're told Ben Affleck and Matt Damon will be courtside before tonight's Game 4 tip-off at the Staples Center to tape a segment with talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel. You'll recall that Kimmel's girlfriend Sarah Silverman made a silly video called "I'm (Bleeping) Matt Damon," and Kimmel responded with a video of his own called "I'm (Bleeping) Ben Affleck." No word on who'll be (bleeping) whom tonight.

  • Matt is at #51 on the latest Forbes Celebrity 100 listing.

    Matt Damon
    Power Rank 51
    Pay $21 mil
    Category: Actors
    Pay Rank 63
    Web Rank 39
    Press Rank 31
    TV/Radio Rank 20

    The Bourne trilogy has been an unprecedented hit in Hollywood: The films were made on relatively modest budgets and brought in huge returns for Universal. Much of that is due to Damon's charm. He somehow manages to look like an everyman while kicking lots of butt. He also made headlines this year with a viral video produced by comedian Sarah Silverman in which she professed her love for the movie star.

  • More photos of Matt on the set of The Informant are at Just Jared.