June 16th, 2008

football pic premiere on shoulders

Celtics, candids, Wahlberg

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving Dan Tana's restaurant on Friday are at X17Online and Buzz Foto, with video at Hollywood Bubble.

  • Photos of Matt sitting courtside next to Mark Wahlberg at the Celtics/Lakers Game 5 in Los Angeles are available at Yahoo, the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, Getty Images and NBA.com.

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  • In an interview at People magazine, Mark Wahlberg again trash talks Matt, saying he could beat Matt and Ben in a fight with one hand behind his back. He also trashes the Ocean's movies again (for which he was originally cast, to be replaced by Matt when filming on Planet of the Apes ran long), as reported here. Wahlberg does say (as he has commented before) that Matt is "a nice guy".

    Actor Mark Wahlberg is relieved he turned down the opportunity to star in George Clooney's Ocean's movie franchise, because the films all "sucked".

    The Boogie Nights star was initially approached to play the part of Linus Caldwell - a role that eventually went to Matt Damon - in Ocean's Eleven, but he decided against joining Clooney and pal Brad Pitt for the casino heist movie.

    And, even though two of his own projects turned out to be flops, he insists anything would have been better than having to pretend he enjoyed making Ocean's Eleven.

    He says, "It was well worth it! The second one sucked! People tell George Clooney it's great, but we all know it sucked.

    "I made two bad movies instead - Planet of the Apes and The Truth About Charlie - but doing that was better than sitting with Brad and George, telling the press how great everybody is: 'We were in Europe, George was funny, then we had some wine...' - that's not for me. I do love those guys, but I had to step out on my own."

  • Another story about the impact of Informant filming on local businesses in Decatur is here.

  • Matt may attend the 'Ante up for poker' event in Las Vegas on 2 July - a report at the Boston Globe. Australian cricketer Shane Warne also expects to attend.

  • A report on the OneXOne event in Calgary hosted by Ben Affleck is here, including:

    Affleck's celebrity status helped raise more than a quarter of a million dollars during the live auction on Saturday night, including $150,000 donated by five couples - all with ties to the oil patch including Murray Edwards, Charlie Fischer, Drew MacIntyre, Kevin Neveu and Dale Shwed - to take in two upcoming movie premieres, Affleck's comedy He's Just Not That Into You and Damon's war drama Green Zone.