September 29th, 2008

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Clinton Global Initiative, Green Zone

  • A photo of Matt, Wyclef Jean and Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative last Friday from the New York Post is below. Another report from the event is from

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    Mr. Damon spoke about his support for programs that provide clean water and sanitation to people in Africa and other impoverished regions.

    Speaking to reporters alongside a group of charity and foundation leaders, Mr. Damon acknowledged his somewhat odd position. "Alright, who invited the stupid actor and why is he batting clean-up on this excellent panel?" he asked to laughter.

    Despite the humor, Mr. Damon spoke passionately about water issues.

    Mr. Damon’s celebrity life, however, came crashing back when a German reporter asked him if he wants to make movies with positive messages after playing a "gangster" in the Ocean’s Eleven series.

    “This is kind of where my life goes into the surreal,” he said.

  • Jason Isaacs spoke recently about the lack of a script for Green Zone. He appears to have been privately admonished by the studio, as he now claims the script by Brian Helgeland is brilliant, although Greg Kinnear essentially confirmed they didn't use it much at all.

    Isaacs: "I can't imagine saying that we are making Green Zone, the Paul Greengrass movie, without a script or that it wasn't a brilliant one. Brian Helgeland - he of LA Confidential, Mystic River, Knight's Tale etc etc etc fame - wrote a fantastically taut script that, along with the rest of the cast, persuaded me to abandon my family and decamp to Morocco for months.

    It's true that there are real soldiers, Iraqis and experts of all kinds on set who contribute to the authenticity and that Paul's style of shooting keeps you absolutely on your toes, but the story, the scenes and pretty much every word come from his Oscar-winning keyboard. Which is just as well since his version is a nail-biting thriller that fizzes off the pages whilst my improvised version would consist of me swearing a lot, mumbling and asking what time we were breaking for lunch.

    Kinnear: "Yes I would say that Jason nailed it pretty nicely there,” “Green Zone” Greg Kinnear said of Isaac’s observations, which included lines like “[Paul] just throws you into the deep end.”

    [On Greengrass]
    “He’s amazing. I really like the guy and I think that as an artist he doesn’t paint with the same brush as everyone else. He has his own process – you’re sort of on your back foot when you’re working with this guy you’re not sure what’s happening day to day,” Kinnear said. “I think that’s where he wants it to be. I feel like he’s making a dynamic movie and I’m excited to be a part of it."

  • Meanwhile, Greengrass spoke recently about his fears for the film to The Observer:

    But Greengrass, director of The Bourne Ultimatum , was nervous. He revealed he had just put the finishing touches to his latest film, Green Zone. 'It's another film about Iraq,' he worried. 'I've stood and watched as I've been filming all year while all the other Iraq films have tanked at the box office. I've got in there last and I think I've spent the most money.'

  • New photos by Ron Haviv from the visit to Haiti by Matt and Wyclef Jean are at or here, including the following.

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