December 9th, 2008

matt lucy day after wedding

Wedding anniversary, Bourne

  • It is Matt and Lucy's third wedding anniversary today. A recent photo from London is at JJB, with more at Mr Paparazzi. Other photos below are from the past year.

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  • Frank Marshall recently discussed Bourne 4, stating that Matt and Paul have not signed on, and that the story is likely to be taken from another Ludlum book, The Parsifal Mosaic.

    Q: And Matt's signed on?

    Marshall: No, the only people signed on right now is George Nolfi, the writer, and me. We have to get a good script and then, hopefully, Matt will follow.

  • From a Gold Coast Bulletin article about Australian still photographer Jason Boland, who has worked on all Bourne films and Green Zone:

    Today Jason travels the world doing all the on-site photos for all the big movies. One of his great mates is actor Matt Damon, with whom he forged a friendship during production of the Bourne movies.

    Both Jason and Matt have young toddlers and Matt reckons that Jason's son, Hunter, would be the perfect husband for his baby daughter, Isabella.