December 12th, 2008

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Informant, Liberace project

  • Steven Soderbergh was interviewed by Capone at Aint it cool news and provided updates on The Informant and the proposed Liberace project:

    Capone: Right. And, then, THE INFORMANT, a bigger film, just reads to me on paper like a dark comedy.
    SS: It is a comedy, yeah.
    Capone: About some sort of whistleblower.
    SS: Yeah, a dark comedy about a bipolar, pathological, liar whistleblower. I’m really happy with it. I think we got a great script, and we cast it, I think, really, really well.
    Capone: Some good people in it, for sure.
    SS: Yeah. And, Matt [Damon] is really funny. It’s a great performance, and we’re all really happy with it. And, we pushed it to the fall, which is better for the movie. But there was a moment of kind of “Awww,” because we all want it out there right now. But, I think it’s better for the movie.

    Capone: And, are you still involved in this Liberace thing as well?
    SS: Uh-huh, that’ll be the year after next.
    Capone: That you’re directing as well…with Michael Douglas?
    SS: …and Matt Damon as the young man that he gets involved with--Scott Thorson.
    Capone: He’s the companion. So, with Michael Douglas, that would mean that we’re focusing more on his later years?
    SS: …like the last 10 years of his life.
    Capone: So, it’s not a full biography.
    SS: No, no, the movie is just about this relationship, like, him meeting…You start with the kid, and the kid meets him, and it’s just the story of that relationship. Richard LaGravenese wrote the script. It’s really good.

  • An update on the future of Torso is at Chud.