December 27th, 2008

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Green Zone, Ness

  • Jason Isaacs discussed Green Zone in an interview at the Jerusalem Post:

    His next film, though, is not another Harry Potter movie, but Green Zone, a thriller about American soldiers in Iraq, early in the war, with Matt Damon. Directed by Paul Greengrass (United 93), he calls it a "really nail-biting thriller."

  • A marketing article on OneXOne.

  • David Fincher discussed the Ness/Torso casting rumors, stating that Rachel McAdams has not been approached. There has been no word yet on if or when the film is going ahead.

  • A Green Zone military adviser and body double for Matt, JAC Sgt. First Class Christopher C. Slaughter, discussed his role in the film here, including:

    Q: What was the worst thing?
    A: Being in Morocco.

    Q: What was the best thing in working with Matt Damon?
    A: Matt is a really humble guy. He’s one of the best in the business, yet he was still open to taking advice, especially on the military aspects of the film in order to make sure the movie is as realistic as possible. The entire crew were really good about that with me and the other military guys that were on the set. (a few actors were hired because they were former military as well).