January 24th, 2009

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Journey to Planet Earth interview, Bourne sequel

  • Matt will be interviewed in the Miami Herald on Sunday about a recent taping of Journey to Planet Earth - a preview is at Glenn Garvin's TV blog, and also here:

    Man, we can't do anything right around here. Even our paparazzi are lazy and second-rate. Interviewing Matt Damon for a story that will appear Sunday, I asked him what it's like living on Miami Beach (as he has for the past four years) instead of Los Angeles where the movie and television industry is located. His answer: Great!

    "Here, I don't have to deal with any of the nonsense," he said. "All the paparazzi live in L.A. There are guys waiting outside the gates to your house 24/7. But here, my wife and I figured out pretty quickly, it's only on the weekends, because Miami paparazzi have day jobs. They can't hang around all the time. So we just never go out on the weekends. The only time I leave is to go jogging.

    "One of the guys stopped me once and said, 'Can't you do something besides jog? I've got like 20,000 pictures of you jogging.' And I said, 'Man, that's the whole point.'"

    I spent an afternoon this week hanging around the Coconut Grove studio where Damon was taping the narration for an episode of the PBS environmental series Journey To Planet Earth. For more of his opinions -- on spies, torture, the war in Iraq and nymphomaniac fish -- check out Sunday's Miami Herald.

  • Photographer Greg Williams has uploaded a series of photos from the Morocco set of Bourne Ultimatum here, including:

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • Matt's quoted in the February 2009 issue of Empire (UK) magazine from the Morocco set of Green Zone talking about Paul Greengrass' plans for the movie:

    "Paul wants this to be a big mainstream movie. He wants people to see it."

  • Emma Roberts talked about some early encounters with Matt on last week's Jay Leno appearance - her quotes and a photo are at Just Jared.

  • Bourne producer Pat Crowley talked about the possible Bourne sequel in an interview Wednesday at the Daily Telegraph. Matt has said previously that he won't sign on to the movie until he sees the finished script.

    Crowley's latest project will be the fourth Bourne film, with Damon already agreeing to reprise his role.

    "We've got a treatment but we don't have a script yet and it's a question of whether we'll shoot it this year or next year."

  • Paramount will not be exercising the option to make Torso/Ness with director David Fincher, and so the project is currrently shelved. Matt was rumored to play the role of Eliot Ness.