March 11th, 2009

venice fest suit closeup

Human Factor, cycling reports

  • A photo of a blond Matt is at Now magazine and Hello magazine. In the photo series Matt was walking to a cafe with brother Kyle and Francois Pienaar last week.

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  • A photo of Matt and Kyle before the start of the race is from The Times (below). More photos are at Celebuzz and PopSugar. A report by journalist Kirsten Moller on cycling most of the race near Matt is at, with her video reports on the race available here, and a separate report on the windy conditions here. Extended footage of Matt and Kyle finishing the race is A comment by a Cape Argus columnist about Kyle's efforts to make the race is below.

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    Sportsman of the day award goes to Matt Damon’s brother. He jumped off a plane and cycled in a totally different time zone “through the night”, up front into the teeth of 45 knots of screaming adoration – Matt, Matt, Matt. What’s his name again?

  • An article on Francois Pienaar's achievements in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and completing the cycle race within 36 hours for the MAD Foundation charity is here.

  • A report by a celebrity autograph seeker about meeting Matt at the race is here.

  • There was another test screening of The Informant in California on Tuesday night.