April 5th, 2009

Departed prem Lucy Matt

Untitled Mandela Project, One & Only reports

  • Matt discussed the Untitled Mandela Project and how much he's enjoying Cape Town in various media reports following the One & Only party. Clint Eastwood also mentioned that filming now moves to Cape Town for a week. Reports are at the Cape Argus, Pretoria News Weekend, RTV transcript, here, Sky News, The Times and Die Burger (translated version below), and there's a video at Yahoo News. More photos are at PopSugar (still none of Lucy, although she was definitely at the event).

    But I suppose you’ll want more international names. There were Eastwoods everywhere you turned: Clint walked the red carpet; his actor son Scott (who’s in the Francois Pienaar movie) burned up the dance floor; and his musician son Kyle took to the stage at the jazz club afterwards. Marisa Tomei kept a low profile, Matt Damon was all lovey-dovey with his wife, Luciana, and Yasmin Le Bon looked dreamy in a dark Diane von Furstenberg gown.

    Damon, who is here shooting the Human Factor, based on the 1995 rugby World Cup, said: “There is so much to see here. It’s beyond any expectation… it has the best of everything.”

    Referring to his role in the film, he said it was an “enormous responsibility” being an honorary Springbok.

    Matt: "I mean it's really a beautiful piece of property and it's got two great restaurants in it and it should be a pretty successful venture. Here in Cape Town, it's so beautiful looking at Table Mountain and it's such a great city so yeah, I'm coming back and staying here."

    Matt on the South African accent

    “I’m working on that, I’m working on that,” said Damon. “I think I will pick it up at the end, when the film is finished shooting."

    About his role he feels “an enormous responsibility” towards Pienaar. “I want to play him as accurately as possible – the man that he is, the integrity he has and just the man that is a sporting legend in South Africa.”

    “I hope he will be happy with what I’m trying to do.”

    Damon said his family are having “a fantastic time in Cape Town”.

    Damon is down to earth and “a super guy”, said Pienaar in return.

    Clint Eastwood

    "We are working here and it's a great place to work. The climate's fabulous and the people are great and we've been liking it very much. We are going to go over to work in Johannesburg for a week or so and then we are going to back here and do some more."

    "Well, it was a very good script, a very good script written on it. And Morgan wanted to do it and Matt wanted to do it so I got a good cast for me to mess up,' he added.