May 30th, 2009

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Ethiopia and Rwanda visits

  • After completing filming of the Untitled Mandela Project in late April, Matt and the team from OneXOne visited sites in Ethiopia and Rwanda. Matt met with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame, and visited a Millennium Village, hospitals and clinics in Rwanda in support of OneXOne's partnership with Partners in Health (Boston) and Sick Kids Hospital (Toronto). In Ethiopia they visited clean water sites outside Mekele and a new well sponsored in part by OneXOne and H20Africa/Water Partners. Photos and details from OneXOne, with more photos and videos at the site.

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    Caption from site: Matt visits a well outside Mekele, Ethiopia, as part of a fact-finding trip to Ethiopia and Rwanda. In his right hand he holds a bottle of regular water, in his left is a bottle of dirty water local children here drink everyday.

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    Caption: The OneXOne team visits a school in session in Myange, Rwanda. Attendance rates here have reached 96% since the school instituted a lunch program.

  • Amy Ryan discussed a possible release date for Green Zone:

    Ryan: Then this other project that I made a while ago will be out this fall is a big action thriller called 'Green Zone' with Matt Damon. I think that'll be out by the end of Christmas or sometime around there.

  • Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers described Matt as the nicest celebrity he's met in an interview at MyKindaPlace.

    Question: And the nicest?

    Joe Jonas: Matt Damon. He was so nice, he even prayed before we went on stage with us, and just hung out with us and stuff. He was so cool.