September 16th, 2009

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Informant premiere, TV appearances

  • On Tuesday Matt appeared live on Good Morning America, filmed scenes for The Adjustment Bureau at City Hall and the East River, filmed an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and attended the New York premiere of The Informant!. The pre-taped skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live! also aired. Matt's appearance on GMA is available at the ABC site, and the fun appearance on Jon Stewart's show will also be available on official website. The following photos from the premiere are from Yahoo and Wireimage.

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  • Photos of Matt in New York on Monday are at PopSugar. On Tuesday Matt filmed scenes with the US Coast Guard and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Photos are here, with reports on the meeting with Bloomberg at the New York Daily News (including a video), the New York Times and another report here. In the video Matt is asked by the reporter whether he is a New York voter. Matt says he lived in Florida but he moved back to NY last week after four years in Miami. He says they're here for the year and trying to figure out whether "we stay in NY or, gasp, move to LA. We’re taking it as it comes right now."

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    Reporter, to Mr. Bloomberg: How do you know each other?
    Mr. Bloomberg: All young sex symbols know each other.
    (Laughter ensued.)
    Reporter, to Mr. Damon (who is 38): How do you know each other?
    Mr. Damon: Are you the real press playing the press in the —
    Mr. Loeser: They’re actually the real press.
    Mr. Bloomberg (who is 67): Whether they’re the real press is debatable. Let’s say they are employed by the real press.
    Mr. Damon: No, I literally — we’ve met on a number of occasions over the years. We were trying to get the Olympics here and actually the morning I got married he knew about it and he came in and he sat and it was really great. It was a really special, private moment and, it was — you really — it was my wedding, what can I say? One of the best days of my life.

  • The photo of Matt with the US Coast Guard is from flickr with the following description: In this group photo, celebrity Matt Damon poses for a picture with the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Bainbridge Island, Manhattan, Sept. 15, 2009. (U.S. Coast Guard Photo/Petty Officer 3rd Class Seth Johnson)

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  • Esquire magazine includes an article titled the 'Best People in the World - Good People List' in their current issue (Matt is on the cover). Matt tops their list of Best Person in the World, based on the following criteria:

    The 75 Best People in the World
    The world is full of good people. Noble, selfless, generous people who help the helpless, who continue to push when the world says retreat, who embody the better angels of our nature. This is not a list of those people. This is a list of men and women who, by virtue of skill or character, make us happy — happy that they're among us, happy that they do what they do, happy that they're successful. Each of them possesses exceptional talent, of course, but each also satisfies two special requirements: Would we like to have a drink with this person? And would we trust this person with our puppy?

    1. Matt Damon

    For all the reasons detailed in our October issue's cover story. But also because — and we're not afraid to say it — he's radiant.

  • Clips from the Kimmel skit are at SeriouslyOMG and EOnline.

  • Matt's interview for Digg based on viewer questions is now up at and other video interviews are at Cineplex and here.