October 6th, 2009

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Entourage reactions, filming continues

  • Reviews of the season finale of Entourage and Matt's praised performance are Backstage, IGN, The Wrap, LA Times, Ecorazzi and Newsday (excerpt below). Series creator/writer Doug Ellin talks about Matt's appearance (and says "He's literally the nicest guy in the world") at the official site. The after-the-credits clip featuring Matt is available at the Ecorazzi site.

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    Nothing subtle about writer props in the "Entourage" Season 6 finale. Everything Matt Damon did in this episode was absolutely hilarious.

    From his berating of Vince to his questioning of who Drama was, Damon instantly became the best guest star of Season 6, and is in the conversation for best one-episode guest spot of all time.

    Plus, he allowed Drama to deliver this gem, a runner-up for the BPL: "He Jason Bourned me."

  • Photos of Matt and Emily Blunt on the set of The Adjustment Bureau in New York on Monday are at PopSugar, ICYDK, Accidental Sexiness, Bauer Griffin, X17, Us, and many others. Tim Robbins also visited the set.

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  • There was a test screening for Green Zone, attended by director Paul Greengrass, on Monday night.