November 3rd, 2009

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Adjustment Bureau, Artworks magazine

  • Photos of Matt and Emily Blunt on the set of The Adjustment Bureau in recent days are from Us magazine, Zimbio and the New York Post.

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  • An article from Kris Tapley at In Contention discusses Matt's recent New York Times profile and its relevance to Matt's award prospects.

  • Steven Soderbergh compared Matt to Jack Lemmon in this article at Newsblaze. Meanwhile, Soderbergh is looking to sell the Liberace project to a distributor at the upcoming American Film Market.

    Stephen Soderbergh has compared Matt Damon to screen legend Jack Lemmon. The movie director - who has worked with the Hollywood actor on 'The Informant!' and the 'Oceans' 11' film franchise - has praised Matt for his acting ability and admits he is delighted to see him portray such a variety of characters.

    He said: "'The Informant!' seemed like a Billy Wilder Movie in a way, with Matt as Jack Lemmon.

    "I always enjoy making the 'Oceans' films because it is a justifiable way of playing with the camera, but in a movie like this, my job is to let Matt's performance take position front and centre, just be simple."

  • Don Cheadle discussed Matt at a recent Ante Up For Africa tournament.

    Cheadle admits that Damon's fundraising turn on 'Entourage' was "one of the most brilliant pieces of acting he's ever done. I think he should forget all that 'Bourne' stuff and just focus on yucking it up."

    Fortunately his fellow "Ante Up For Africa" member has never hit him up for charity cash with that intensity. "Matt and I are part of an organization together, so we don't have to resort to such things," says Cheadle.

  • Charlize Theron (at ContactMusic - unknown source) and Josh Groban (in a chat with fans, copied here), both discussed Matt's absence at the OneXOne event.

    "I think he's with his family and he needs us to respect that privacy and time right now." Charlize Theron was coy about the "family emergency" that kept Matt Damon from hosting a charity event in San Francisco.

    Groban: I just got back from San Francisco, and did the amazing OneXOne Charity event there. It's a great organization with a lot of great people. It reminds me a lot of kind of the work my Foundation is doing in so much as it focuses on the places that kind of have been ignored, and focuses on the places where a little bit can make an enormous difference.

    And so, you know, I do support them and they have been supporting me as well with my organization. So, that was a really great experience to be there and to see everybody. We missed Matt Damon. It's his... this thing is his baby and the fact that he wasn't there, we knew that something was very, very wrong. As he said in the press, it was a family emergency, and we wish him and his family all the best during this very, very difficult time for him. But we raised over a million dollars that night which was a big deal for him and the organization. So congratulations to them and for everybody who donated.

  • Matt was interviewed by Dina Eastwood (Clint's wife) for the Summer 2009 issue of Artworks Magazine. The article isn't online (although a longer version of the interview was promoted as being available online - I encourage you to write to the magazine and ask for it to become available!) Matt discusses various topics including filming in South Africa, working for months on the Afrikaans accent, the relevance of art in his life and the futility of press junkets. Brother Kyle is interviewed in the Fall issue of the magazine (available now). Here's part of Dina's introduction.

    Dina Eastwood: But behind the movie star, Matt Damon is an "Aw shucks, want another beer?" type of guy. He could be sitting next to you at the pool, and you may or may not notice. He is not imposing, nor impossibly good looking, but can surely be both, if need be. He is also devoted to his family, work and making the world a better place.

    For his most recently completed film, "Invictus", which wrapped in South Africa in May, he wrangled with a challenging accent, had to modify his physique to play rugby star Francois Pienaar, and still find time to swim with his young daughters.