January 6th, 2010

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Burn the Floor, sightings

  • Matt attended a performance of ballroom dancing show Burn The Floor on New York's Broadway Tuesday night. Dancer (and SYTYCD) judge Mary Murphy tweeted that Matt would be attending, and dancers Sarah and Jeremy later tweeted that Matt did attend and met cast members backstage. A photo of Matt with the cast is at the show's Facebook page. The New York Daily News also reported the sighting:

    Sighting: Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana, checking out Broadway’s “Burn the Floor” on Tuesday.

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  • Matt, Lucy and their kids spent New Year's Eve in Boston, with reports at the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald.

    Sighting: "Invictus" star Matt Damon and fam dining at Stephanie’s on Newbury...

    Where in the world was Matt Damon on New Year’s Eve? Apparently not in Sydney. Despite reports (including our own) that the hometown actor rang in 2010 on a cruise ship docked in Darling Harbor, Damon and his family were at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge for New Year’s weekend. We hear that Damon and wife Luciana barely left their room. Reports of Damon in Australia began surfacing in various Aussie newspapers shortly after Christmas. The Daily Telegraph reported that Damon was spotted in the country as recently as Friday. “Damon (or a man who looked suspiciously like him) happily signed autographs for staff and customers at the Batehaven Fish Shop on Sunday, warmly responding and signing the megastar’s name before signing a petition to support a local delicacy - vodka dipping sauce.’’ We wonder who Damon's doppelganger might have been - because as of Friday afternoon, he was checked in at the Charles.

  • Another True Grit script review is at Cinema Blend.

  • Matt is scheduled to start filming Hereafter in San Francisco on 18 January.