March 1st, 2010

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Interviews, projects

  • From Cindy Adams' column at the New York Post:

    That snowy, awful blizzardy night Cinema Society hosted Universal's "Green Zone." Boy, was it not green. The screening was 7:30. Matt Damon, I was told would show 6:45. Sweet, easy, affable, friendly, just not punctual, he showed about 7:45.

    I made absolutely no attempt to meet his wife, who stood alongside me 20 minutes. I was too tired, too damp. She was surprisingly un-Hollywood. She was refined. Very today in a blue silk one-shouldered sheath and beige spikes, but elegant. Small bracelet. Unostentatious ring. Good but not freaky earrings. Classy. Not hogging the spotlight. She stayed in the background.

    Always polite, Matt -- hair now slightly flecked with gray -- took time with everyone. Only his feet, which he turned out onto their outer sides, showed the inner impatience.

    He also had the semi-junky beginnings of a moustache. "This is for my new movie with the Coen Brothers. We're redoing 'True Grit.' I'll show it to them this week. If they like it, fine. If not, I'll try again. I actually hate the thing."

  • A good video from the premiere is at YouTube, from E!

  • A longer interview with Matt from the junket about his ongoing projects and being Oscar nominated is at Collider, including:

    The Oscar nomination
    Question: Everybody’s talking about him [Waltz}. Do you just go in saying, “It’s nice being nominated, I’m gonna go and do the whole thing,” or do you just –
    Damon: No, you just go there and have a good time. There’s no pressure. You’re not going to have to make a speech.
    Question: You don’t think! There’s always surprises...
    Damon: Yeah, I don’t think anyone’s surprising — in fact, I emailed Stanley Tucci: we’ll have a contest to see who can be more magnanimous when Christoph Waltz wins. I did that with Billy Bob Thornton when he was nominated for A Simple Plan. We were working together and he had the whole crew going, because he had them while they were setting up a shot, he was sitting in his chair and he had his assistant naming the other people. "And the Oscar goes to..." you know, whoever was in the category. And he was practicing his gracious [CLAPS DEFERENTIALLY]. So he was like, “I really need to rehearse this. [SOUTHERN ACCENT] I gotta go out there and I just don’t want to get caught off guard if old so and so wins. I gotta make sure I’m lookin’ gracious."
    Question: So no storming out?
    Damon: No storming out. I’m waiting for the actor to have to have the courage… when the camera, to just go fuck! If I have the balls to do it you’ll see it on March 7.

    Question: Speaking of Clint, what about Hereafter. How was that experience?
    Damon: Great. It was just another blissful... it was really fast, because the movie is three different storylines. So my storyline, they shot it… he needed 19 days, so we shot six-day weeks, so it was three weeks and a day of shooting. He’s just ridiculously fast. I mean, we shot nine pages one day. He’s just... he’s amazing.

  • A long conversation with Paul Greengrass about Green Zone is at the New York Times. An informal report and photos from the Apple in-store event is at OLV. An interview with Matt at the premiere after-party is at the New York Daily News. An interview in UK's Total Film magazine discusses a serious illness to Paul Greengrass during shooting in Morocco which delayed filming and resulted in script changes, but that story's not being widely discussed.