March 10th, 2010

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Green Zone interviews

  • The interview with Matt and Paul Greengrass on Charlie Rose is now available at the Charlie Rose site, and is a great 50 minute discussion about Green Zone, their collaboration, politics and the film-making process.

  • A fun interview with Matt and Greg Kinnear is now available at Moviefone.

  • Video interviews with Matt are at GMTV (which is discussed here), NY1 and E Online or YouTube. In the E interview Matt talks about taking a role in Happy Feet 2 because he loved (and his kids loved) the original movie. Other video interviews are at Soccer AM show and a playful radio interview (not about the movie) is at BBC's Scott Mills show.

  • A detailed print interview from the junket is at Coming Soon. An interview with Greengrass is at Latino Review, including:

    Question: Can you talk about each of the actors that you cast, what you saw in them that made you want to cast them?

    Greengrass: Well, Matt because he's pretty good and the world's greatest movie star.

  • Jude Law discusses his role in Contagion at Coming Soon, and says the film is due to shoot at the end of the year.

  • A quote from the SF Weekly review of Green Zone:

    Greengrass' pyrotechnics aside, Green Zone works mainly because of the hardworking, always-credible Damon. The ultimate good soldier in Saving Private Ryan, the cleverest of con men in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Damon is still a juvenile at 40. He has made a career of alternately projecting and parodying boyish idealism, sometimes in the same movie (e.g., The Informant!). For Green Zone, he's Bourne again with a difference, a gung-ho figure of incredulous righteous indignation.