March 24th, 2010

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Cinematheque Award details

  • Ben will present Matt's Cinematheque Award at a ceremony on Saturday - details at the Hollywood Reporter. A different take is at New York magazine.

    Ben Affleck will present the 24th American Cinematheque Award to Matt Damon, with whom he wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for "Good Will Hunting," at the Cinematheque's tribute to Damon on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    Also participating in the tribute are Damon's colleagues Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Kinnear, Charlize Theron and Robin Williams. George Clooney and Ben Stiller will appear in individual, pre-taped comedy sketches, while President Clinton will narrate a piece about Damon's humanitarian efforts.

    ABC will broadcast the tribute at a date to be announced.

  • The box office total for Invictus is almost $121 million worldwide, with $83 million derived from box-office receipts outside the US.

  • Matt talked about the death of Howard Zinn in an interview at Berliner Zeitung - translated version:

    Did you know him well?
    Matt: He was our neighbor, one of my mother’s closest friends, a friend of the family. We had a very close relationship. He was a good man who lived a rich, wonderful life. And he had lived, he was ready to let go. He died while swimming in a hotel pool in Florida. Myocardial infarction. My mother spoke to the man who pulled him out. He told her that he was able to ask Howard if he should call an ambulance. Howard said: 'No, I'm okay.’ Then he closed his eyes and died, whereupon all the hotel employees came around him and bade him farewell. It was such a small hotel in Florida, and the people who worked there were Latin American immigrants. My mother said: 'That was exactly the funeral service that Howard would have liked. These were the people for whom he wrote.'

  • A report on Matt's generosity to friends at a dinner in New York on Saturday is at the New York Daily News, with a separate report at People.

    Matt Damon and wife Luciana enjoyed dinner with seven friends at Stanton Social in New York. The group ordered specialties like the French onion soup dumplings and chilled Maine lobster, an off-menu item, which they requested with extra butter. "They must have been super hungry," a source tells PEOPLE, "because Luciana ordered five rounds of the warm doughnuts for the table."