September 9th, 2010

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Eastwood, 30 Rock

  • The LA Times article on Clint Eastwood and Hereafter is now online, including:

    The 39-year-old Damon and the elder filmmaker have a strong mutual admiration society going after working together on "Invictus," and Eastwood juggled the "Hereafter" filming schedule to shoehorn the project into the actor's tight schedule.

    "Matt is a gem to work with," Eastwood said. "A lot of guys will count sides [the pages in the script] and look at something like this and say, 'Well, there's three stories and I'm only in one of them.' He saw the value of the overall project and he's a writer and he really liked the story. I like the character — he has this knack but he can't stand it. He's reticent and he doesn't want to connect with the dead and he can't connect with the living."

    "The classic thinking is you can't peter out in your third act, you have to go bigger, and the other classic Hollywood thinking is that all the questions have to be answered," Damon said. "'Is it clear enough? I don't want an 8-year-old to come see this and not know what's going on.' With Clint, his process is free of all that grist mill. He can do something that has a different shape. It wouldn't occur to him to have a giant set piece in the third act because, well, this story doesn't require it."

  • Matt discussed the Toronto Film Festival in an article at AP:

    “It’s way more laid back,” said Damon, who stars in Eastwood’s “Hereafter,” a drama centered on three characters with unusual connections to the afterlife, and also narrates “Inside Job,” director Charles Ferguson’s documentary about the 2008 economic crisis. Both films play Toronto ahead of their theatrical release in October.

    “I like festivals in general as an alternative to the premieres, because you end up getting a bunch of filmmakers in the same place, and you can run around, catch other people’s movies. You’re always bumping into friends,” Damon said.

  • More stills from 30 Rock are at BuzzSugar:

  • A new BBC report on the troubled Dartmoor Zoo claims filming for We Bought A Zoo will start in California in January.

  • New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ran into Matt's father Kent recently:

    Bloomberg: "I've said I will not perform marriage ceremonies, because once you do one you have to do lots. There's a lot of people in the city who want to get married. I ran into Matt Damon's father about two weeks ago on a golf course when I was in Martha's Vineyard with the president. And he said, you married my son. And I said no, I did not. I was a witness."