September 11th, 2010


Hereafter trailer, photo

  • The trailer for Hereafter has been released at Apple. A new photo with Matt and Cecile de France was also released by WB France on Twitter. There will be no press conference for Hereafter at Toronto, only the premiere.

  • Charles Ferguson, the director of Inside Job, praised Matt at the TIFF premiere - via video at Hollywood Elsewhere.

    “Matt Damon, who was absolutely wonderful, narrated this film at, to put it very mildly, far less than his commercial rate, that would be an understatement. But even more importantly than that, had incredibly smart, insightful suggestions about the narration of the film, and in fact, some of the narration at the end of the film reflects his suggestions in a way that we found very valuable. It was great to work with him.”

  • There will be open casting calls for Contagion in Chicago on 25 and 26 September.

  • Michael Douglas still plans to do the Liberace film - from USA Today:

    That said, Douglas still plans to play Liberace in Steven Soderbergh's biopic, tentatively slated to start shooting next year and co-starring Matt Damon as Liberace's lover. He excitedly shows off his copy of Scott Thorson's Behind the Candelabra (My Life With Liberace), the basis for the film. "Matt is all, God bless him, gung-ho," Douglas says, laughing.