September 13th, 2010

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Hereafter premiere, OneXOne

  • Matt, Clint Eastwood and Bryce Dallas Howard attended the world premiere of Hereafter in Toronto on Sunday. Lucy was unable to fly to Toronto. Photos from Zimbio and Yahoo. The best interview from the red carpet is likely to be at ET Canada.

  • Positive reviews for the film are at Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Roger Ebert's blog and Screen Daily, but the film will divide critics.

    It is good to see Clint Eastwood trying something very different. Fans expecting to see a supernatural thriller will be disappointed... but those interested in a shrewdly made and well-scripted drama about loss and compassion will be intrigued and impressed.

  • There was at least one roundtable interview with Matt and Clint - a transcript is available at, including:

    Bonnie Laufer: Matt you have so much stuff coming up, do you ever get time to rest?
    Matt Damon: I haven’t worked since May—I got the whole summer off and I’m not working ‘til December. But this job, because of the way it got set up, all my stuff got crammed together. So rather than being with the crew for a few months, it was really only a month and it was just concentrated, working every day for a month. And then I did True Grit, which was really only 25 or 26 days of shooting, which was spread out over three months. So it seems like I have a lot coming up, but they weren’t like, six-month movies, one after the other.

    Bonnie Laufer: We’re going to see you on the season premiere of 30 Rock?
    Matt Damon: Yes! Yeah. I love those guys. I really love that show. I actually saw Tina Fey at an awards show and my wife and I went up to her to tell her how much we love the show. So I joked with her by saying, hey if you ever have a part for me... and soon after she called me up and asked me to be in the premiere.

    Q: Is the Liberace project going forward with Michael Douglas?
    Matt Damon: Well, yeah, it is. We’re really excited about it. He’s obviously going through his health issues, but from what I understand, it’s not going to be a problem. The numbers are very much on his side and he’s a healthy guy, so we’re all just hoping that everything goes well. We’re hoping to be right on track for shooting next summer. But obviously, we’re willing to wait for our star as long as we have to.

  • On Saturday Matt attended a lunch for OneXOne - details at the official Facebook page. Photos of Matt leaving the lunch are at Lainey Gossip. Lisa Tant of Flare magazine posted about the lunch and being on Matt's table at her Twitter page.

    ONEXONE: Our Honorary Chair, Frank McKenna and Ambassador Matt Damon Saturday, September 11th, announced the Foundation’s $3 million commitment to fund the construction of a state of the art pediatric ward at the new Partners in Health hospital in Mirebalais, Haiti.

    Matt Damon takes the stage to talk about the importance of @onexone a fantastic fundraiser for kids worldwide
    Matt Damon is my crush. Such a nice guy, charming and handsome - & great actor. Crush, crush, crush...
    At table with Matt Damon @onexone - Lennox Lewis, Frank McKenna, Suzanne & Edward Rogers, Joey Adler & Sylvia & Robert Mantella.
    Celebrating 5 years of a great charity @onexone at AME. Incredible work being done in Haiti.

  • Josh Brolin praised Matt's performance in True Grit to Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411.

    “How is True Grit?” I asked Josh about his upcoming Coen Brothers movie.

    “I hear the star is no good,” said Javier [Bardem] facetiously in his deep Spanish accent.

    “Oh, I’m not the star,” Josh said, getting the joke. “I’m only in toward the end. Matt Damon is the star. He’s amazing.”

  • InStyle posted a photo of Matt and Gary White on their Twitter page. InStyle's portrait studio at TIFF will benefit and OneXOne.