September 21st, 2010

lucy matt mandela event

Boston charity event, various

  • Matt attended an auction and golf day to support the Sean McDonough Charitable Foundation on Sunday and Monday in Boston. A photo and report is at the Boston Globe, with a photo from the golf event at the Boston Herald.

    Aside from Ben Affleck’s immediate family, no one is more elated about the box-office success of "The Town" than Matt Damon. Ben’s good buddy told us he's "happy, proud, and not at all surprised" that Affleck’s new movie made over $23 million in its opening weekend. "I want to find out where the end zone is so I can dance," said Damon. We ran into the "Bourne" star Sunday at the Boston Harbor Hotel, where he was among the VIP guests at a fund-raiser for the Sean McDonough Charitable Foundation. Damon, who was there with his dad, Kent, said Affleck’s achievements are not insignificant.

    Asked if he has any interest in directing, Damon said he does. “Sure, I’ve wanted to for years, but I keep getting wonderful offers from unbelievable people — the Coen brothers, Soderbergh, and Clint Eastwood." ("Hereafter," directed by Eastwood, comes out next month.) McDonough gave Damon’s wife, Luciana, a special shout-out for letting the actor attend. "Luciana is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, but she gave Matt a hall pass to be here, so thank you," said McDonough.

  • Matt attended the Broadway musical Promises, Promises on Saturday and visited cast member and friend Sean Hayes after the show. A report and photos are at

    They may have played enemies on a memorable episode of Will and Grace, but in real life there’s no animosity between Promises, Promises star Sean Hayes and Oscar winner Matt Damon. In fact, Damon is such a huge fan of Hayes, he even made a shirt featuring the Broadway star's face when he went to check out Hayes' Tony-nominated performance at the Broadway Theatre on September 18. After the show, Damon headed backstage to greet his friend and show off his hilarious T-shirt.

  • A clip of Matt on this week's episode of 30 Rock is at Ace Showbiz. More details about the live episode are here.

  • Ben Affleck referred to Matt's guidance in this French interview (translated):

    Question: Does he still have his “gang” of friends, whether his brother Casey, Matt Damon or Joaquin Phoenix?

    Affleck: "Oh no, we’re still super close. I’ve seen the wonderful film my brother did about Joaquin, and Matt is always the first person who sees what I make. I rely on the astuteness of his judgement. Besides, I don’t know why he’s waiting to direct a film himself!”

  • Various reports: Another version of the Clint and Matt interview from Toronto. An article on Emily Blunt's dance training for The Adjustment Bureau. Journalist Barry Koltnow talks about how Ben tried to save Matt for all the wrong reasons. Josh Brolin talked to Matt about gaining weight for movies.

  • Old but cute. Matt's nephew Jackson Damon wrote about meeting Tom Brady at the Boston Globe:

    Jackson Damon, 10, nephew of actor Matt Damon, meeting Patriots quarterback Tom Brady before the Patriots’ final preseason game, Aug. 30, 2007:

    “I was very excited. My heart was beating really fast and I asked him for his autograph. He was really nice. I said, ‘You rock.’ He said, ‘That’s for you,’ and he gave me his wristband. I was thinking that I was going to tell my friends how really happy I was. He looks like Matt from certain angles. He gave me this and I’m going to wear it everywhere. He said, ‘It’s OK, you can get it dirty.’”