October 11th, 2010

Departed prem Lucy Matt

Hereafter premiere

  • Matt, Lucy and family members attended the New York Film Festival premiere of Hereafter on Sunday. Matt told ET in a video at redcarpetreport.com that their new baby, a girl, is due in early November (Matt's quote is below). Photos are at Zimbio, PicApp, Daily Mail, Globo.com, Premiere and Pure People. A photo of Matt's family arriving at the premiere is at this Twitter page, and small photos of Alexia posing with Lucy and Matt are at Startraks. Matt and Lucy did not attend the after-party.

    Matt: "I think to wear a leopard dress, with that belly, that’s kind of awesome. We’re due early next month but it’s the fourth time around so you never know. She’s great, she’s the best. [It’s a girl?] Yes. I’ve been outnumbered... but it’s beyond absurd now. But it’s amazing. Any experience raising the girls is amazing. I understand boys. It’s just girls are a totally different, they’re a different species and I’m learning. It’s a whole new wonderful world that I get to learn about."

  • A few photos from Matt's birthday party last Thursday: with drummer Curtis Watts and DJ Suga Ray. In this video at Newspusher (not available), Matt says he 'spent his birthday hanging with family and friends.' A photo of Matt and Isabella on his birthday (ignore the false German report) is at Bunte.

  • Bourne 4 director Tony Gilroy has advised Hollywood Elsewhere that Jason Bourne will not be a character in the movie and that Matt is not being replaced. The movie will be a stand alone film that continues the legacy of Bourne (and leaves it open for Matt to potentially return in the future).

  • EPK clips and interviews from Hereafter cast and crew members are at Trailer Addict.