October 12th, 2010

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More premiere reports, Bourne

  • In an interview at Access Hollywood Matt said he knows nothing about Bourne 4 other than what he has read on the Internet.

  • Other videos from the premiere and press junket: premiere footage at PopSugar, Access Hollywood interview, Eonline at the premiere, Reuters premiere video and Extra. A photo of Matt attending press events on Monday is from Staragora. Video of Matt receiving a call from Lucy during an interview is also at Access Hollywood.

    Entertainment Tonight
    Matt Damon was accompanied by his beautiful and nine-month pregnant wife Luciana to the premiere of his new movie, 'Hereafter,' where he revealed to us what it was like raising young girls as well as what he thought of the skin-tight dress his wife was wearing.

    "I told her it kicks ass," he told ET. "To wear a leopard dress with that belly is kind of awesome."

    Meanwhile, Damon stayed tight-lipped about names he and his wife are considering for baby number four.

    "We've got some good finalists," he revealed. "But we don't trot them out because people come back with opinions. We’re running out of names.”

    Access Hollywood
    "She’s looks great, obviously. It’s number four for us. Are you ever ready? But we think we are."

    Extra - Clint Eastwood hints at a possible new project with Matt
    Clint: “Working with Matt’s terrific. He’s terrific. I could do ten pictures with Matt and never get bored with him. We’ve got stuff to do. We’ve got plans in the future.”

  • Matt talked about his birthday, directing plans, family and new baby at OK magazine and People.

    "I had a party with my friends and family," Damon tells PEOPLE of the gather Friday. "You know, nothing outrageous."

    The actor also clears up speculation that he has signed on to direct a new film written by pals Ben and Casey Affleck.

    "He and Casey were going to write this movie and I guess Ben was quoted recently saying that he'd love to have me direct it," Damon said. "There is no script yet."

    Matt spoke to reporters at Alice Tully Hall in NYC about the exciting news that he’s having another daughter.

    “I’m thrilled. I just love my kids so much,” Matt told OK! of having another daughter. “I’m anxious to meet her.”

    And the best part about being a dad to four girls?

    “All of it, I don’t think there’s one thing that stands out, just the whole ongoing blur of the experience,” Matt explained. “It’s just really exquisite, amazing.”

    But Matt admits he should be showing his wife a little more attention right now before the baby arrives.

    “I’m probably not pampering her enough,” he said. “The one good thing I’ll say about [living in] New York as a dad is like, whatever craving she has, not only is it less than a block away but most times they’ll deliver. So it makes it really easy.”

  • More photos from the premiere are at PopSugar and Lainey Gossip. Positive reviews for Hereafter are at AP and Hollywood and Fine.