December 17th, 2010

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Letterman, interviews

  • Photos of Matt arriving at the Letterman studio are at OK magazine and Zimbio. The majority of the interview is available in two parts: here and here.

  • Matt's interview with Matt Lauer on Today is available at the MSNBC site. Other interviews are at: WGNTV Chicago, Fox Boston, Fox 59 Indianapolis, KTLA, Scott Feinberg and Entertainment Tonight.

    Matt Damon rides horseback in the Coen Brothers' highly anticipated remake of the classic western 'True Grit,' and the star tells ET that on the set his children "were far more interested in the horses than dad."

    "My now-two-year-old, she would have been about 20 months at the time, she saw her first horse in the flesh and went up and touched it, and then got to sit on its back -- and literally didn't stop talking about it for about four or five months," reports the star.

    Meanwhile, with buddy Ben Affleck in high demand as a director after helming the successful heist flick 'The Town,' Matt declares, "I would love [to be directed by him]. I'm trying to e-mail him constantly, trying to get a job. He's on the very top of my list of people that I would like to work with."

  • Other links: the Coen brothers were interviewed at Coming Soon, and a good interview with Matt in five parts is at MTV, where he talks about the possible collaboration with Neill Blomkamp, We bought a zoo and Bourne. A partial summary of the interview is here. An interview with Matt is also at People.