January 11th, 2011

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Interviews, True Grit passes $100 million

  • Matt's early November 2010 interview with Katie Couric for glamour.com is finally available online. Matt was interviewed with Gary White to discuss water.org and other subjects - excerpts:

    KATIE COURIC: Glamour reader Jamie wants to know, “How did your college professor mother react to your leaving Harvard 12 credits short of a degree? How would you feel if one of your kids did the same? And would you ever go back to school?” This is a three-part question.
    MATT DAMON: I don’t know that I’d go back. For one, I think I have about a year’s worth of courses left. I think they’re all core, required courses, so I’ve taken all my fun courses already.

    KATIE COURIC: If you were editing a magazine for young women, what would you want to be in there? Girls are always trying to figure out what guys want and how to navigate relationships. What article would you want in here? What advice would you give young women?
    MATT DAMON: I can only speak to what attracts me. And certainly what attracted me to Lucy was her strength. She just had such a sense of herself.
    KATIE COURIC: Self-confidence is attractive.
    MATT DAMON: Yeah. And be real and don’t put on airs. Have true self-confidence and comfort in who you are. And don’t worry too much about what everybody else wants you to be. Then before you know it, you’ve got that self-confidence. I would tell women not to be afraid to be smart and strong and all those things I want for my daughters. There are always these articles about what men want, but I guarantee you any man worth his salt wants those things above everything.

  • Matt was interviewed about True Grit at the Wall Street Journal, including:

    Recently you've been working with directors you've made films with before, like Clint Eastwood and Steven Soderbergh. What was it like being directed by the Coens for the first time?
    The Coens weren't totally unfamiliar to me because I did a movie ["The Good Old Boys"] in 1994 with Frances [McDormand, who is married to Joel Coen], and Joel was around on set. Also, because I've had so many friends work with them, I had already heard a lot about their process. There wasn't a sussing-out period; I felt very comfortable right away. Part of that though, is that they try very hard to make everyone feel comfortable on-set. I'm hoping I get to keep working with them. We did [an interview with] Charlie Rose about a month ago and as we were leaving, I asked them what they were working on. They said they didn't know, so I said, "Untitled Matt Damon Project"?

    Maybe you're good luck for them, seeing as the film's gross has passed the $100 million mark.
    And don't think George [Clooney] and Brad [Pitt] won't be hearing about that.

    Given the various cities you and your family have lived in, where is home these days?
    We're based in New York. I try to get everything I can in New York. There's a pretty good tax deal there right now, so you can make the argument with a straight face to any production that they should shoot their interiors in New York. So I try to do that as much as possible.

  • True Grit passed $100 million at the US box office over the weekend and has a cumulative total of $110,035,157 - from the LA Times:

    After three weekends in theaters, "True Grit" has finally out-shot the competition.

    The Coen brothers-directed western was No. 1 on a very soft post-New Year's weekend at the box office, as its ticket sales dropped a bit less than the winner of the last two weekends, "Little Fockers."

    "Grit," which stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, declined 39% to a studio-estimated $15 million, while the star-laden comedy "Little Fockers" was off 47% at $13.8 million, according to studio estimates.

    "True Grit" this weekend became the first Coen brothers movie to surpass $100 million at the domestic box office. It could become their first to hit $150 million, particularly if the movie receives a number of Academy Award nominations.

  • An excerpt of an interview at UK FHM about Matt's interview persona is here. A radio interview is at Studio360, and a preview of an interview at UK Empire (February 2011 issue, including Bourne talk) is available here, with Matt's supposed comments discussed and dismissed at The Playlist.

    Men Of 2011: Matt Damon
    We've probably all got to-do lists good to go for the New Year, but none are surely as exhaustive (and exhausting) as Matt Damon's, atop which we think might be the words, "Be in as many movies as humanly possible". He has seven - count 'em - releases lined up for 2011, and that's before counting the penguiny voicework he lends to Happy Feet 2 and a gravitas-packing voiceover on Inside Job. Phe-ew. But the charming Bostonian was in typically fine fettle when he sat down to chat with Empire to chat about being reunited with Clint Eastwood for Hereafter and a 2011 slate that includes some gems.

  • Steven Soderbergh talked about Matt's comments regarding his own possible retirement plans in a radio interview:

    As for the rumors of retirement, started by Matt Damon? Soderbergh played it all close to the vest, mostly being sarcastic and quippy. “He declined to mention we were both pretty drunk when we had that conversation. Next time I see Matt I’ll to explain on the record and off the record.”

  • From an interview with actress Bryce Dallas Howard at the Daily Mail:

    She describes her co-star Matt Damon as ‘very easy-going, funny with absolutely no movie-star vibe’.