February 1st, 2011


Crowe on Zoo, various

  • Cameron Crowe talked about the ongoing filming of We Bought A Zoo at the New York Post - photo from Zimbio:

    Currently, Crowe is shooting “We Bought a Zoo,” starring Matt Damon as a widowed father who buys a dilapidated zoo, planned for a Christmas release.

    Crowe e-mails that it’s “probably closest to ‘Almost Famous’ or ‘Jerry Maguire’ in the mix of comedy and drama. It’s a fun movie with a smokin’ cast, and I think everybody is bringing something new to it. We’re almost two weeks in, and every day has been a blast. It’s also a little bit of a tribute to the great Bill Forsyth comedy, ‘Local Hero.’ I’m really excited... tomorrow Peter Riegert, the star of that movie, is playing a juicy part with Matt Damon. Should be good.”

  • Details of an upcoming 30 Rock episode from 30rockfan.org:

    Air Date: Thursday, February 10, 2011
    Episode Title: (#514) “DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD”
    Meanwhile, Liz’s romantic getaway with Carol (guest star Matt Damon) is ruined when their plane is stuck on the tarmac.

  • A friend of Hailee Steinfeld discussed visiting the set of True Grit:

    The five days we spent as Hailee’s on-set “entourage” made me the movie’s (not just Hailee’s) biggest cheerleader. We played pass the pigs with Bridges in between takes, (naturally, I was completely horrible... perhaps because I realized I was tossing plastic pigs with "The Dude") chatted up the sweet-as-could-be Damon (swoon) and ate what felt like 15 meals a day with actors, stunt doubles, and crew members covered in fake blood and dirt.

    We spent a bounty of time laying on the floor of Hailee’s trailer admiring her vintage costumes and just how painfully tight the hair and make-up team could braid her hair. Hailee was astonishly unaffected and mellow and since she was pretty much the only kid on set, most of the cast and crew (especially Bridges and Damon) seemed to treat her like their own daughter.

  • Matt discussed parenting in this article, taken from an upcoming interview in Radio Times. More photos of Matt and Gia on the beach are at the Daily Mail and OK magazine.

  • More photos of Matt at the Celtics game, including Matt meeting Kobe Bryant, are at The Fab Life, Movieline, PopSugar, People and Global Grind.