February 26th, 2011

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Publicists Awards

  • Matt made a surprise appearance at the Publicists Awards on Friday to present a lifetime achievement award to his publicist, Jennifer Allen. Matt was also photographed backstage with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michelle Monaghan. Reports are at Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

    Jennifer Allen won the Les Mason Lifetime Achievement Award.

    "I'm proud of this," said Allen, who recently co-founded Viewpoint Inc. with fellow PMK/HBH defector Melissa Kates, "but I consider this the half-lifetime award."

    Matt Damon took the stage in a bathrobe with glasses and disheveled hair, jokingly blaming Allen, his publicist, for not being available to help him get ready. "I had to get a suit, hair and makeup ... and had to drive myself," he said. "Why couldn't Tony Angelotti win this thing?"

    The Les Mason Award, which honors the lifetime achievement of a publicist, was presented to Jennifer Allen of Viewpoint by actress Michelle Monaghan and actor Matt Damon, who came onstage at the Beverly Hilton in his bathrobe, pajamas and slippers, explaining he had been up all night working.

    Allen was clearly flattered but said it wasn’t her nature to take the spotlight. “As a publicist I’ve always strived to remain in the background,” she said, citing as her mentors former employers Pat Kingsley and Nancy Ryder.

  • Matt and Emily's interview on Today is available at the official site. Some photos and quotes from the interview are at the Daily Mail. A quote from Emily's interview in Harper's Bazaar is below:

    Emily: “Matt?”, she says grinning. “He is so willing to play around, and we genuinely loved being around each other off set; we found a secret language as friends that translates into our scenes.”

  • A summary of Adjustment Bureau reviews to date is at Anne Thompson's column. A quote from a review at HitFix by Drew McWeeny (Moriarty):

    Matt Damon might be one of my favorite modern movie stars, and I think when people write about his career from a perspective of looking back at the whole thing, the story will be about what a stealth-level superfreak he really is. Matt Damon looks like All-American apple pie, and he's got an earnest approachability that is very mainstream-friendly, but he makes eccentric choices, and he has a sly sense of the silly that undermines his outward appearance. I think he plays this rising political star with real credibility, and I'm sure if he ever decided that was a line of work he wanted to pursue, he could. And well. He also plays lovestruck well, and he's not a kid about it. He's a man, flattened by this woman who has entered his life, and determined to find a way to include her in whatever journey he's on.