March 12th, 2011

ben matt

Elysium, interviews

  • More details about Elysium were provided at the Hollywood Reporter:

    Sony will release Neill Blomkamp’s high-profile Elysium on March 8, 2013, in time to take advantage of spring break and the Easter holiday.

    Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is the latest addition. He’ll star opposite Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley and Jodie Foster and will be playing the villain. The plot is being kept under wraps, although the setting is a future world. Social class figures into this world, and Damon's character is an ex-con.

  • An interview with Matt at the SMH. A few quotes from an audio interview with Emily Blunt at HitFix:

    Matt actually got me a fedora for his Christmas gift. Because he’s weird like that.

    On True Grit
    I’m personally upset for him that he didn’t get a nomination for that role. Because I thought he was amazing in it.

    On Matt’s choices
    Matt has an inner freak that people are gradually seeing glimpses of.

  • Matt's quote about We Bought A Zoo and working with Cameron Crowe from the video interview at Collider:

    “It’s incredible to work with him. We’re a third of the way through and, knock on wood, it couldn’t be going any better so far. If the next two thirds are as good as the first four weeks have been, then we’re in good shape.”

  • Another quote from Matt's interview with Piers Morgan:

    MORGAN: If you were picking a dream team for a movie, and you had your ultimate power hat on yet again, who would it be? Who would be the leading man, leading lady, producer, director?
    DAMON: Well, my hope is to start directing. That's really where I want -- I --
    MORGAN: Let's make you director.
    DAMON: OK. Here, my -- he said this so I can say it publicly. My cinematographer, Steven Soderbergh, has already agreed to be my cinematographer on my first movie. So I would lock him up.
    MORGAN: He's locked in. Who's the producer?
    DAMON: Well, Chris Moore, who produced "Good Will Hunting," my old friend, Chris and Jon Gordon, those guys. I definitely want to --
    MORGAN: Who are your acting stars? Leading man, leading lady?
    DAMON: Oh, I mean, it always depends on the job. I have so many friends who --
    MORGAN: The last movie you are ever going to make. This is it before you die.
    DAMON: I'm going to have to cast Ben then.
    MORGAN: Ben's the leading man?
    DAMON: Ben would be my leading man.
    MORGAN: Leading lady?
    DAMON: I wouldn't do too bad with Emily Blunt.