June 2nd, 2011

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Boston cancer benefit

  • Matt revealed at a benefit for the Massachusetts General Cancer Center on Wednesday that his father Kent has an untreatable form of cancer, but that Kent is doing well and that he will "fight it to a standstill." Matt and Kent spoke at the benefit, which Lucy also attended. Reports are at the Boston Channel, Boston Herald, a Boston Herald blog and the Boston Globe. The photo below of Matt, Kent and Dr Noopur Raje is from the Globe, with more at the Boston Herald, including one photo with Lucy. Other photos are at Zimbio including Matt with Chris Cooper. The woman pictured with Lucy is not named.

    Matt Damon was in town last night to speak at a Mass. General Hospital Cancer Center event honoring 100 people and groups who’ve helped advance the fight against cancer. The actor was joined by his dad, Kent, who’s been treated for multiple melanoma in recent years, and Matt’s wife, Luciana Barroso.

    Chatting with reporters on his way into the Westin Boston Waterfront (after getting briefly stuck in the revolving door), Damon said his dad is “fighting the good fight.’’ Damon had not previously talked about his father’s cancer.

    “There’s the possibility that you’ll look in the paper tomorrow, and there will be a picture of Matt Damon,” Kent said. “He’s 40 years old, and all that a dad would want in a son. He’s happily married, a loving husband…a dedicated dad to three…no excuse me, four very fortunate daughters…he’s a caring brother. It’s a wonderful ride as a dad."

    [Matt] said how he “always know I’d have a personal relationship with the hospital…Cancer has a malign indifference to who it involves. But I never would have guessed it would have been my dad. He’s a marathoner, a college athlete, he sails up the coast. But 18 months ago, we developed a more personal relationship with Mass Gen…and it SUCKED! But the care my dad has received there is just awesome. We couldn’t have asked for more. It was deeply humbling to be around people who do this with their lives. I love the way my dad was cared for. I realized, he’s not getting special treatment. He’s getting the same care that everyone is getting around here."