December 13th, 2011

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We Bought A Zoo world premiere

  • We Bought A Zoo premiered on Monday at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. Matt and Lucy attended the premiere with Matt's father, brother and nephews. Photos are at Celebuzz, I'm Not Obsessed, Celebrity Gossip and this tumblr. Comments from the red carpet are at the Hollywood Reporter. The photo of Matt with Benjamin Mee is from the after-party. Full video of the red carpet arrivals is available at Livestream.

    Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos and We Bought a Zoo director Cameron Crowe posed on the carpet at the premiere in New York. Crowe told THR about a special moment when they were filming the movie. "There was a scene with Matt [Damon] where the tiger was supposed to be lying down on its side, and it rose up in the scene, and it was a little angry, but Matt stayed in the scene and talked him down. I kept the scene in the movie, but the thing is with animals is you never know how it’s going to play out, but that’s the great thing about Matt -- he’s always ready to roll with the scene wherever it goes," said Crowe.

    Matt Damon stars as the lead character, Benjamin Mee, in the film. The actor told THR at the premiere that there was a certain animal he wasn't completely comfortable with on set -- ostriches. "They were like these really weird prehistoric creatures with tiny brains. They were just slightly terrifying," he said.

  • Various video junket interviews are now available: E Online, Jake Hamilton, Access Hollywood, part one and part two, Extra, ET Online and AP. Matt discussed plans for Elysium footage to be released at the 2012 Comic Con in the Access interview.

  • Other interviews: Australian Daily Telegraph and the Excelsior, where Matt talks about filming in Mexico City and working with Diego Luna.

  • The American Humane Association's report on the making of Zoo is at their website. No animals were harmed during the making of the film. (PETA still staged a protest outside the premiere.)

  • Matt's awkwardly photo-shopped new GQ cover is at Art8amby. Update: An excerpt of Matt's comments in the article about Tony Gilroy and directing is at the Huffington Post, and the full interview and photos are now available at GQ's website.

  • The video from Saturday Night Live's digital short with Matt, Katy Perry, Andy Samberg and Val Kilmer is available here.