January 8th, 2012


Haiti visit

  • Matt visited Haiti with Gary White to review a water.org project and meet with local charity workers. Matt also met with Haitian Prime Minister Gary Conville. Reports and photos from Informador, Cubasi, HPN Haiti.com, Demotix, Le Matin Haiti and Safimag's Facebook page.

    The Hollywood actor Matt Damon who was in Haiti, has left the country on Friday. He had come as part of a project to supply drinking water to communities. Matt Damon will be working with the Haitian business "Haytian Tractor", which is to bring drinking water available cheaply. This project has been launched in the town of Pignon (North).

    Less than two percent of the 10 million inhabitants of this Caribbean nation have access to drinking water, while most of the population uses rivers and streams for drinking, washing or bathing.

  • Gus Van Sant will now direct the project co-written by Matt and John Krasinski. Matt is expected to act in the film, which may now be shot in the Portland area in April - details at The Playlist.