January 23rd, 2012


London visit, Soderbergh

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy at Lisa Snowdon's birthday party in London on Saturday are at the Daily Mail, Rex and Zimbio. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky also attended the party.

  • This Steven Soderbergh interview at The Playlist includes a few references to Matt, including Matt's comments about one set-up envisaged by Neill Blomkamp for Elysium.

    Soderbergh: I can't imagine doing another one, another action movie, because I feel like this represents how I'd like to do it, and to do it again, I don't know what else I would bring to it. It's probably just because my brain doesn't work this way. Matt [Damon] was describing a rig that Neill Blomkamp built for some of the fight stuff in "Elysium" that sounded really cool. When he described it to me I thought, god that's a great idea. I bet that's going to be really neat. Now I don't want to steal that because it's something Neil thought of and built, this proprietary rig with these multiple cameras on it. I feel like unless I could think of something like that, I don't know what I would do if somebody said would you like to do another action film.

  • Another unnecessary comment from Mark Wahlberg at the Boston Herald:

    “People made a big uproar about the Whitey Bulger thing. I didn’t say I would make a movie about Whitey Bulger and glorify what he did,” the Dorchester homey said. “The Matt Damons and Ben Afflecks of the world came out and said they were going to make a movie and nobody even made mention of it. I didn’t even say I wanted to do a movie. I was just saying that a third party had reached out to me.”

  • From an interview with Benjamin Mee at The Guardian:

    Mee and his children met Damon in America last year and the actor patiently recorded a special message on Milo's Nintendo. "He also happily put on the Dartmoor Zoo T-shirt for a photograph, even though there was someone actually saying in his ear that he shouldn't do it," recalls Mee.

    "He was very interested in talking to me about the effect of the death on our family. In fact, in December, when I was interviewed with him on a primetime show at the time of the American premiere, he talked so thoughtfully about what it would mean to bring up children on your own that I was not in the right frame of mind to do my own interview really. He hit it all right on the head."

  • Ben Lyons posted a quote from Sean Penn on his tumblr:

    When asked about reprising roles, Sean said “It’s not for me, but I could watch Matt Damon play that Bourne guy over & over again.” #sundance2012