February 11th, 2012

gun, true grit

Promised Land, GQ Germany

  • The script written by Matt and John Krasinski is now titled Promised Land, with shooting planned to commence in April. The film has been by Focus Features and Participant Media, via the Deadline report.

    When Damon was directing, the film had been set up at Warner Bros through the production shingle that Damon has there with Ben Affleck. It’s a $15 million budget, and it seems better placed at Focus and Participant, which are teaming up for the first time.

    Krasinski had the idea for a film that had resonance in the current climate of economic hardship caused by corporate greed. Krasinski paid Eggers out of his own pocket to write the first draft, then showed it to Damon and Moore while the latter were making The Adjustment Bureau, which starred Damon and Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt. Eggers was unavailable to do more work on the script, so Damon and Kraskinski rewrote it together.

  • There's a new interview with Matt in GQ Germany. Some of the interview is online.

    Damon tells GQ his family is a constant in his life: "If you knew my five women at home, you would understand why I'm solid. They're more important than anything else. I have a job where I have to travel a lot. Sometimes I am separated from my family for months. My life, therefore, is to do my job as best as possible and yet spend as much time as possible with the people I love."

    In his free time, the 41-year-old is therefore clear on his priorities: "At a certain age it is not fitting for a man to waste his time drinking beer."

  • An article about Matt and Lupe Fiasco's visit to TEAM Englewood High School in Chicago is at Yes Magazine.

    "If [students] can connect to these historical figures, hopefully they will see themselves as part” of history, Damon said, touching on one of the central goals of Zinn’s work—and of the nonprofit Voices of a People’s History of the United States, which has created a curriculum based on Zinn’s book. The group’s mission is to “bring to light little known voices from U.S. history,” including those of inner-city students of color. As part of this goal, they are rolling out an educator’s toolkit for 1,000 teachers in Chicago, complete with videos, lesson plans, and locally relevant readings.

  • A sighting from Us magazine:

    Matt Damon using different voices as he read to one of his girls at a Barnes & Noble in NYC.