February 16th, 2012

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More Fashion Week reports

  • More photos and reports from Matt and Lucy's visit to the Naeem Khan show at Fashion Week are at Life and Style magazine, the New York Post, Radar Online, A Socialite Life and People.

    Is anything more romantic than Fashion Week? Probably, but Matt Damon and wife Luciana spent their Valentine’s Day at Naeem Khan’s impressive runway show in New York on Tuesday.

    “It was great,” Luciana told PEOPLE following the show, which she spent hand-in-hand with her husband. And though it was Matt’s first-ever fashion show, he had good reason being there: “He’s my pal,” Khan told reporters. “We were all just on holiday together in St. Barts and Barbuda. And I love them.”

    However, he knows Matt’s talents lie in acting, not dressing. When asked if his friend was a fashionisto, he joked, “He’s not.”

    The show, “about the dust and the decadence of India,” according to Khan, impressed the entire crowd, which included Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi, who was seated next to the Damons. “They’re very sweet,” she said. “We all have kids, so that’s all we talked about.”

    Before the show, the Damons kicked back in the Mercedes Benz Star Lounge, where they sipped champagne and stuck close to one another. And though Matt’s presence in the Lincoln Center tents definitely drew lots of attention — “I think [Luciana] probably would have preferred to not have him there, she was saying, because of all the photographers,” Lakshmi relayed — his presence made the fashion crowd swoon.

    Said Lakshmi, “It was very sweet of him.”

    A-lister Matt Damon has won an Oscar and Golden Globe and attended countless red-carpet events, but he had never attended a fashion show until Feb. 14!

    "It's the very first show of my life," Matt excitedly told Life & Style while sitting front row at the Naeem Khan show with his wife, Luciana. "I don't know what to expect but it's gonna be great because its coming from Naeem. We're friends with Naeem."

    Matt explained how the designer recently gave Luciana a gorgeous gown. "We were at an event in London a few weeks ago and he put my wife in the most beautiful dress," the actor told Life & Style.

    And while Luciana may be used to wearing couture dresses, Matt says he likes to keep it simple. "You look at me and think I have style?" he joked. "My style tends to be comfortable. I'm a pretty casual guy."

    The happy couple, who have four children, held hands throughout the show and looked to be totally in love. "Matt was tapping his foot to the music and checking out all of the models and gowns," an eyewitness told Life & Style. "He and Luciana looked really cute together."

    After he attended his first New York Fashion Week runway show Tuesday, Matt Damon also hit designer pal Naeem Khan’s after-party. Following a Valentine’s Day dinner at Village restaurant Palma with his wife, Luciana Barroso, and a group including Padma Lakshmi and designer Khan, Damon and the gang headed to Double Seven cocktail lounge. One witness marvelled about Damon being a regular guy who wore a leather jacket and nursed a Stella. Damon and his wife (left) recently vacationed in St. Barts with Khan and his wife, as well.

  • From Naeem Khan's official Facebook page, which also includes a scan of Matt and Lucy on the cover of WWD:

    We were so honored that Matt Damon and his beautiful wife Luciana attended our show yesterday. It was Matt's first fashion show ever! Great full-page shot of the adorable couple in today's WWD - Women's Wear Daily.