May 4th, 2012

gun, true grit

Two projects filming

  • Promised Land continues filming around Pittsburgh. A media release announcing the start of filming is here. A photo of Matt with Worthington Pa mayor Kevin Feeney is at the Kittanning Paper and a photo and report of filming at Kistako is here. The film may be released later this year.

    "Matt and I wanted to write a story about American identity," [John] Krasinski says. "In all of today's political and economic rhetoric, I feel people often lose sight of the deeper, core principles of what defines us as a country. We knew we needed to find a contemporary issue that would serve as the backdrop to the story but, more importantly, allow us to fully explore this idea."

    Mr. Brody said, “Matt and John’s script is rich in Frank Capra-esque qualities, blending humor and heart while exploring the power of community in this day and age. An actor’s director like Gus will bring forth all the emotions in the story, which is a true passion project for everyone. We’re proud to be making Promised Land with Participant as our creative and financial partner.”

  • A newly released German interview for Zoo is here, but the interview was from December 2011.

  • The background to Matt's involvement in the recent poker movie is outlined in this article.

  • and Gary White were honored at an event by the World Policy Institute on Thursday, but Matt did not attend.

  • Matt is expected to be in Vancouver from May 11-24 for additional shooting on Elysium, according to Vancouver paparazzo pursuit23.