June 8th, 2012

Departed prem Lucy Matt

Boston charity event

  • Matt attended the 'One Hundred Gala Event' for the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center in Boston on Thursday. Lucy did not attend, but Matt's brother Kyle and father Kent were there. Reports are at the Boston Herald, Boston Globe and WDGH.

    Matt Damon may be one of the hardest-working guys in Hollywood – he’s got three films in the works right now – but he was still available to emcee Thursday’s fund-raiser for the Mass General Hospital Cancer Center. The evening, honoring 100 people and groups who’ve helped advance the fight against cancer, is near and dear to Damon because his dad, Kent, has been treated at MGH for multiple myeloma. (Kent was there with wife Celeste.) As guests were filing into the Westin Boston Waterfront, the actor talked about his connection to the event.

    "Obviously, it’s a great chance to honor these incredible people who are doing a lot for the cancer community,” Damon said, “and it’s a nice thing for my dad and I to be able to do it together.” Of course, we had to ask about his work, including the status of the much-ballyhooed Whitey Bulger biopic. “They’re writing a script so there’s not much to say,” he said. “It’d have to be a great script, but we have Terry Winter writing and he’s a great screenwriter.”

    Damon told us he was sorry to miss the Celtics game. ¬“I think there will be a lot of doctors checking their iPhones. I’m sure some of the honorees will be mentioning the score.” But there was no doubt who he was rooting for: “That team has given us so much more than we ever could have asked for, so I’m enjoying it.”

  • To mark 15 years since the release of Good Will Hunting, a new DVD will be released with new interviews and retrospectives.