July 26th, 2012

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Promised Land screening

  • The first test screening of Promised Land was held in Vegas on Gus Van Sant's 60th birthday, and Twitter reactions were very positive.

    The Mr Pink ‏@themrpink
    #PromisedLand is another winner from Gus Van Sant strong performances in a timely tale set in a breathtaking locale. Almost Nom worthy

    Travis Yee‏@yeebie
    Just watched an advanced screening of Matt Damon's next movie "Promised Land" that comes out in 2013. It was like Erin Brokovich.

    NBC Revolution‏@RevolutionOnNBC
    Just saw a private screening of @TimGuinee in "Promised Land" and it was great and Tim, you were excellent. Wish you had more parts!

  • Matt was named the sixth most valuable star in Hollywood in a feature at Vulture.

    6. Matt Damon
    The Sign of Quality: Much like the other sides of the Oceans 11 triangle, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, Matt Damon resists all temptations to sell out and invariably makes the interesting choice: When you see his face in an ad, you know that the project isn’t going to be an average example of that genre, just as the Bourne movies weren’t mere actioners and True Grit wasn’t just a western. Next year’s Elysium, directed by District 9’s allegory-prone Neill Blomkamp, promises to be anything but generic sci-fi, and then there’s the slated HBO Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra (in which he plays the young lover of Michael Douglas’s pianist). With Damon’s presence as its own meaningful imprimatur, he’s managed to bring some increasingly rare adult films to a surprisingly high gross, hence his high studio rating: "surprising" because his targeted grown-up, discerning audience doesn’t rush out to an opening weekend. As a result, his mid-price films are often dismissed as underperformers when they don’t debut strong — then a year later, you look up to see that We Bought a Zoo, roundly considered one of last Christmas’s duds, grossed $75.6 million in the U.S. Nobody paid much attention to the relatively low-tech Adjustment Bureau at the time (That’s the hat movie, right?), but it wound up with $62.5 million. An ardent activist, he’s cognizant that his serious films and causes threaten to paint him as a dour personality, so he’s quick to preempt that by popping up in Jimmy Kimmel skits and SNL digital shorts. Say his name and while some people will think of his work with Haiti, many more will start humming, "I’m fucking Matt Damon."

    Domestic Box Office $60,600,000
    Overseas Box Office $62,600,000
    Studio Value 8
    Likeability 72%
    Oscars 1 win, 2 noms
    Critics' Score 63
    Magazine Covers 11
    Tabloid Value 6

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving a pilates class on Tuesday in LA are at PopSugar.