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New skit on Jimmy Kimmel and media response

  • The skit Matt filmed on 1 November last year with Sarah Silverman at the Delano Hotel in Miami for Jimmy Kimmel's show aired yesterday. The full clip (language warning) is available at Sarah Silverman Online or YouTube, including the introduction and ending, with two stills below.

    Photos from the making of the video are now at Flickr (by WMLA). And Jimmy Kimmel released a statement to Us online:

    So what does Kimmel make of the footage?

    "I hope they’re happy together!" he tells in a statement.

    Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

  • Update: The video will be shown again on Friday's show - a report on how the clip spread across the web and mainstream media is here:

    Damon-Silverman Video Catches Fire, Gets Second Airing on Kimmel

    A secret music video featuring Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon that was unveiled on Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live fifth anniversary show is getting so much viral buzz that the show decided to air it once again on Friday night’s show.

    "This video proves how hard Sarah, Matt and our staff had to work to answer the age-old question, 'What do you give a late night talk show host who has everything?'" joked Jimmy Kimmel Live executive producer Jill Leiderman in an e-mail.

    The video, in which Silverman (Kimmel’s real-life girlfriend) and Damon say they are having an affair (though in slightly more graphic terms with heavy bleeping), exploded all over the web Friday.

    And the entertainment news media jumped on board as well, with the video set to be featured on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra and E! News.

    As the viral buzz spread, it was prominently displayed on sites ranging from TMZ to Defamer to the Huffington Post, as well as the online versions of VH1 and People magazine.

    The video was originally supposed to air on a planned 40th birthday show for Kimmel that was cancelled due to the writers strike (it was written and shot pre-strike). Instead it aired Thursday night on the show celebrating Jimmy Kimmel Live’s fifth anniversary. It was set up as a "surprise" for Kimmel from Silverman.
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