January 31st, 2013

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Behind the Candelabra

  • New quotes from Steven Soderbergh about Behind the Candelabra are available here and at The Playlist. The first official still is at Yahoo.

    So I guess it ends with ‘Candelabra’?
    Soderbergh: Yeah, there's a lot of eye candy in it. It's fun to look at. It's the kind of thing, the kind of movie that I've always liked. “The Dresser” [Peter Yates' 1983 comedy about an effeminate personal assistant and his relationship with a deteriorating veteran actor] is one of my favorite movies. I love two handers. It's really just Michael [Douglas] and Matt [Damon], it's a real two hander. It's got a great supporting cast but the heart of the movie is the two of them and they just kind of did a “Thelma And Louise” they just jumped off the cliff together and I never had to, I never had to push them at all, they knew exactly where this thing needed to go. I think people would be surprised at how emotional it is. It's not a cartoon.

    Considering its viewership, one could argue more people will see it on cable then they would have in limited release.
    Oh, I think so. I don't think there's any question of that. Ultimately when this opportunity came up and I called Michael and Matt I said, “Look we all want to go do this and I could make an argument that more people are going to see it this way than any other way, so why don't we go and do it?” I have no regrets about the way this played out. HBO have been fantastic to deal with. They're really excited about it. They're going to make sure, as they always do, that millions of people are going to see it. That was clearly just the way that this had to play out and all of us are really glad that it did. I can't imagine not being allowed to go out and make this. It's been 10 years since I did something with [HBO], so I was happy to be back.

    Soderbergh, who's worked with Damon in the Ocean's franchise as well as Contagion and The Informant!, says it's Damon's intelligence, integrity and fearlessness that make him so appealing to the public.

    "I mean, one of the things that people will appreciate about Matt's performance in Behind The Candelabra is just his absolute commitment to jumping off the cliff and not looking back. And there aren't a lot of actors in his position, and his age who would read this thing and say 'Yes' without hesitating.