October 23rd, 2013


Monuments Men delayed

  • Monuments Men will now be released in early 2014, possibly February - details at the LA Times.

    George Clooney's World War II drama "The Monuments Men" will not arrive in theaters this year as planned because the film's visual effects could not be completed in time, the actor and director said.

    The tale of a ragtag band of art historians, museum curators and academics racing to rescue paintings and sculptures looted by the Nazis — slated to open Dec. 18 — now will be released by Sony Pictures early next year.

    "We just didn't have enough time," Clooney said Tuesday by phone from London, where he and producing partner Grant Heslov were to start a 16-hour scoring session with composer Alexandre Desplat and a 110-piece orchestra as part of their race to complete the film.

    Clooney and Heslov said they called Sony's Amy Pascal and Fox's Jim Gianopulos on Tuesday morning, wondering if they would consider postponing the film.

    A few hours after listening to Clooney and Heslov, Sony and Fox called back to say that the film could be pushed to an unspecified date in February, Clooney said. Sony would only say the film will come out in the first quarter of next year, but did not specify a month.

  • Elysium has now passed District 9 in global box-office - from Forbes:

    First of all, the big news is that Sony's Elysium has in fact surpassed the worldwide total of District 9, with the Matt Damon/Jodie Foster sci-ti thriller earning $280 million versus the earlier film’s $210m. The 2009 Best Picture nominee earned $115m domestic versus the decidedly not Oscar contender’s $92m domestic haul, but overseas business is near $200m, with $188m. Now District 9 cost $30m while Elysium cost $115m, so Sony will still make a larger profit from the former film, but I was a little hard on Neill Blompkamp’s second feature when it opened in August, so with a solid 3x weekend-to-final domestic multiplier and a strong overseas figure, consider this my mea cupla.

  • The Environmental Media Awards ceremony is now available online. Following an interview on the awards red carpet, here's part of an article at Glamour on why Matt is the ultimate Glamour guy:

    1) Respect for the media: It's very rare these days for celebs who show up at events to stop and talk to all the media. Most do maybe a couple of outlets and then duck inside. Damon—one of the biggest celebrities in the world—stopped to talk to EVERY SINGLE OUTLET on the press line and was charming and gracious. The last person I saw do that was Harrison Ford, which brings me to this lesson of the day: Up-and-coming actresses and actors, take a note from the real power players in Hollywood.

    2) Never forgetting where he came from: Matt was not about to miss Saturday night for anything, even if his Red Sox were playing in game six of the ALCS ("I have my phone though; it's in my pocket!," he told me). I was equally invested in the game because Max Scherzer was pitching for the Detroit Tigers, and we grew up together in St. Louis. When Matt heard that story—"No way! That's pretty awesome," he exclaimed—we checked the score (Damon's Red Sox eventually won).

    3) Speaking from the heart: When Matt went up to the podium to accept his EMA Ongoing Commitment Award for his work with Water.org, he was the only celeb who didn't rely on note cards or a teleprompter. It made his speech that much more powerful.

    4) Eight years of marriage and still so in love: He's so enamored with his wife, Luciana. Just look at the way Matt smiles at her. There's truly nothing more romantic.

  • And an article at People:

    How does Matt Damon cope with being the lone male voice in a household that consists of his wife and four daughters? A man cave, of course. Actually, more like a man corner, as Damon describes it.

    "I barely manage," Damon told PEOPLE before being honored at this past weekend's 23rd Annual Environmental Media Awards in Burbank. "I do have a little 'man area' that I can go to that is kind of mine that they don't know about."

    Rather than outfitting his space in movie-star splendor, the actor-writer-activist – and cofounder of Water.org – says with a laugh, "It's a couple Sports Illustrateds and my iPhone … basically like a closet where I go and shut myself in if the estrogen gets too crazy."

    Damon, 43, adds, assuredly, "The man cave is a work in progress, [but] that's my happy place."

    And while the Behind the Candelabra star apparently doesn't put that much of a premium on "me" time, there is one area of his life to which he gives close attention: date nights with wife Luciana.

    "[We] just literally go out to dinner and just sit and catch up and talk," the actor told reporters. "We've got to be vigilant about it because if we don’t make the time for it, it will never happen. We just make the time, basically."

  • Photos of Matt and Stella on Tuesday are at the Daily Mail.