December 2nd, 2013

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Photos, Interstellar teaser

  • Photos of Matt and Lucy leaving LA on Saturday for Las Vegas and returning on Sunday are at the Daily Mail, Getty Images, here and Zimbio.

  • The teaser trailer for Interstellar will be released with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug on 26 December.

  • New character posters for The Monuments Men are available at the film's Facebook page.

  • From the blog of a Norwegian entertainment journalist - a story about meeting Matt over the years. There's also a video with Matt talking about love and thoughts on marriage from Kyle and Lori - excerpts below. More on the Channing video from the journo is here.

    Ok, so this is one of those stories that starts off with: Is there a nicer man than Matt Damon in Hollywood? And my conclusion will probably be "no" - but I am still going to try some alternative endings... Like what if we threw Hugh Jackam into the ring. He is really nice too. So nice that Jake Gyllenhaal once told me that "he is so fucking nice that its fucking annoying".

    When Matt Damon arrived in Mexico earlier this year to promote his movie Elysium he entered The Ritz Hotel with a backpack on his shoulder schlepping a suitcase. His wife was walking next to him smiling. And that was it. No entourage. Not even a single person helping him to carry his luggage. He just waved hello at me and some other journalists waiting outside a hotel room to interview Katy Perry (who was there to promote Smurfs 2).

    Later that day he came down to party with us. He went straight to the dance floor and danced the night away while Jamie Foxx was DJ-ing (yes, he was also there to promote his new movie White House Down. And so was Channing Tatum (got to love him too) (But enough of the name dropping ALREADY!!!!).

    The next morning Damon was laying on the beach just a few feet away giggling about last night and how he needed to stay underneath an umbrella so he wouldn’t tan due to him shooting another new movie, possibly The Monuments Men? In 2011, I interviewed Damon five times for different films. I cannot recall anyone making more movies in one year. It got to the point where my editors refused to buy more interviews with him.

    Back on the beach two young men spotted Damon under the umbrella. They pretended really hard to act normal as if they were simply texting friends, but their phones were pointing in Damon´s direction going ‘snap, snap.’ But Damon just continued his converation, laughing and giggling (he has this really cute way of giggling that I´d never noticed before - you can see it in the video below).