December 20th, 2013

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Men's Health article, photos

  • More photos and part of the Men's Health cover article are now online.

    Meet Matt Damon—movie star, Oscar winner, husband, father, Men's Health cover guy. For our first issue of 2014, we spoke with Damon about what a guy who has it all does next. Did we speak to him on the set of his next big movie? No. Try Kodukkur, India.

    In town after town on our India tour, it's the same story. The emcee at a welcome ceremony notes the visiting dignitaries lined up in plastic chairs in the town square. Damon's named is called, and he gives a shy wave before yielding the floor to Gary White. The two are partners in a global water, sanitation, and microfinance group called White is a towering figure in the water realm, and Damon is the high-profile rainmaker for the cause. After White absorbs the praise and attention at these meetings, Damon follows up quietly with, "...and I'm Matt." That's all, just Matt. On this road show, he's best supporting actor. As you might expect, he's really good at it.

  • A photo of Matt supporting the Love Conquers Hate campaign and anti-LGBT laws is at the Human Rights Campaign Instagram.