February 11th, 2014

ema, smile

Milan premiere

  • Photos from the Milan premiere are at the Daily Mail, Just Jared, Il Giorno, Yahoo Italy and Cosmopolitan Italy. Matt and Lucy both wore Giorgio Armani. A quote from George at the the press conference is from Grazia. After the premiere the cast left for London.

    To see them all together it seems clear that they are quite gregarious. "These little people are my friends (but do not let them know!)" says a smiling George. "Some relationships are more recent, but others have been friends for a lifetime. Matt and I have already shot six films together, while Grant I have known for 30 years. In short, we are a big family and it's nice to get up in the morning and work with them, while it is a disappointment when it all ends."

  • Earlier in the day, Matt, Lucy and the cast visited Santa Maria delle Grazie to have a cast photo in front of The Last Supper - photos at Zimbio. Tourists are not usually permitted to take photos in front of the painting. Frenchies Fans of George Clooney has video of the group leaving the museum, the Milan press conference and a link to live coverage of the Paris premiere.